About iPhone Stock Checker


When the iPhone 5 launched in 2012 it took us nearly 3 days to find a website with it in stock, and then another 2 weeks for delivery.
We were determined to make it easier to find an iPhone much faster so created some clever little programs to monitor various websites for stock and availability.
When we realised that other people were also keen to use our iPhone stock finder for older iPhone models we launched iPhone stock Checker to help everyoen in the UK find any model iPhone and get the best price.


We’re a small team at an internet company called Hand Over Fist Ltd. When we’re not busy trying to find that one last Gold iPhone Xr hiding out there on the internet we work with all the major networks to provide solid advice and service to their customers.
We have over 50 years combined experience of selling mobile phones online and our team’s achievements include being the first to sell Three online, the first to offer free gifts with mobile phones, the first online instant credit decision for mobile phone contracts and many others. We’re using our experience, contacts and industry knowledge to offer the most comprehensive and authoritative iPhone stock checker there is.


We make a little money if you buy an iPhone after clicking through from our site, using what’s called an “affiliate” commission.

The price you pay, the deal you get and your place in the queue for stock is not affected whatsoever by this and your contract will still be with your chosen network, exactly as if you’d walked into one of their stores or bought from their site without going via us. The only difference is we look at iPhone stock and deals nationwide and steer customers to the fastest deliveries and best prices possible.


We would’d love to hear from you, hopefully with good feedback but we can take the bad too, especially if it helps make the site better for you! Here’s our address, but please note you won’t find a phone shop here!
Hand Over Fist Ltd
Temple Court Mews
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iPhone Stock Checker