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1 Apple iPhone 8 64GB on Three – 100GB

Apple iPhone 8 64GB on Three – 100GB

64GB | 24 month contract | 100GB data | Unlimited texts and calls | £32.00 p/m

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Apple iPhone 8 128GB
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Apple iPhone 8 64GB
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About the iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 was launched in September 2017, but is is still one of the most popular phones in the world. Apple stopped manufacturing them with the release of the 2nd Generation iPhone SE, but the iPhone 8 will still receive iOS updates as long as the hardware supports it.

The iPhone 8 was the first iPhone to support wireless charging. You can use any standard Qi wirelss charger to charge your iPhone 8 without plugging it in.

Top iPhone 8 Features

Augmented reality (AR)

The iPhone 8 receives a big boost to its interactivity credentials with the ability to run augmented reality apps. Using some clever hardware and software design, it doesn’t rely on lots of camera lenses or sensors – it is all powered by the iPhone 8’s excellent rear camera.

Powerful photo editing

The camera on the iphoen 8 was a big leap forward, and with the powerful new Bionic processor your new iPhone is a photographic powerhouse. Take great photos  and then enhance them with hardware accelerated editing and a range of clever apps.

4K Video

Video on mobile phones has always been popular, but with varying results. 4k video changes that – all the detail and depth you could wish for, even when you view your creation on a large screen.


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