Have iPhone, Will Travel: The Best Roaming Options for iPhone

Take Your World With You

Whether you want to Instagram from Italy, Tweet from Turkey or just FaceTime from France, taking your iPhone abroad has historically proven very expensive. 

The EU makes travelling much easier by  abolishing ‘roaming charges’ within Europe, but in the meantime there are still options to keep costs down (or even eliminate them entirely!).

Use WiFi

Whether you like McDonalds & Starbucks or not, they’re certainly nearly everywhere and both offer free WiFi. So grab some fries or a cappucino, log on and forget about roaming. Of course there are also plenty of other businesses and organisations offering free WiFi access, from coffee shops to university campuses, so if you can wait until you find one nearby it’s sometimes best to just turn your mobile data off and do all your internetting in one go. Apps such as Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone make finding these hotspots easy (install it before you leave!)

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