iPhone Accessories

Portable chargers

Portable iPhone chargers have come a long way. They aren’t just the bulky utility items of yesterday. They come in all types of sizes for all sorts of special uses. 

iPhone case

Phone cases

Protecting your iPhone needn’t be boring with a host of covers and cases ranging from the very sturdy to the obscenely silly – and everything in between.

Parental Control for your iPhone

if your new iPhone is for a younger family member, or if you are passing your old phone on then you need to think about protecting them online. Qustodio helps you supervise, manage, and protect your child’s device and from harmful content or contacts.

iPhone Insurance

With the cost of a smartphones increasing it is becoming ever more sensible to pay to insure your new prized possession, particularly if that possession is the same price as a five star holiday (or my car).

There are a number of companies including Gadget Cover, Protect Your Bubble and Tinhat Mobile Insurance that offer specific mobile phone insurance protecting you from damage, loss or theft. And with reports of mobile phone thefts in the UK reaching over 750,000 a year it’s worth paying the few extra pounds each month.

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