Things to do with your old iPhone

It may be a few years old. It may have lost its shine. It may even have a cracked screen but that doesn’t mean your iPhone is destined for the bin.

We take look at the options available to you and your trusty old iPhone…

Sell it

With the cost of premium smartphones rising there is a huge market for second hand phones. This is good news if you’re planning on upgrading to a newer model because you can sell your old iPhone and recoup some of the money you initially paid out.

There are plenty of websites available, including Ebay and Amazon, that let you check that your buyer is reputable before you part with your phone. Listing an item for sale is free of charge and you only pay a commission to the site if your phone sells.

Trade it in

If you don’t want the risk of selling your iPhone to a stranger then there are companies that will pay you to recycle your phone with them.

Mazuma Mobile and Music Magpie are some of the more familiar names but the mobile networks are catching up to the idea too. O2 Recycle has some pretty good rates and offers a Top Price Promise. If you see your iPhone advertised for a higher price within seven days of placing your order with O2 Recycle they’ll review your offer and could match the better deal.

The price you’re offered will depend on the condition of your iPhone and where we are in the iPhone release cycle. Ahead of the next iPhone launch is the best time to trade in your old phone. You can expect the price to drop following the next launch as more and more handsets hit the market.

Repurpose your iPhone

Don’t want to part with your old iPhone? It has been a big part of your life for two years after all so if you don’t want to get rid of your trusty iPhone, or leave it sitting in a drawer, then why not put it to good use as something else.

Turn it into an iPod Touch!

Every mobile phone does one thing very well: Music. So why not use your old phone as a dedicated MP3 player? By simply removing the SIM and deactivating Cellular data your old phone becomes a very capable music and media player.

Add a speaker case like this for even more musical chops.

Turn it into a security Camera

Keep an eye on your pets while you’re at work, check your house is safe while you’re on holiday or just find out who is eating all of your biscuits. All of this is possible with Manything for iOs. You can live-stream footage, set motion alerts and cloud-record for peace of mind.

​Just download the Manything app onto your old device (the camera) and your new iPhone (the viewer) and you are good to go. Paid plans start from £1.99 a month or are free for one camera and up to four hours video storage.

Build your own projector

Turn your iPhone into a projector
Create a cinematic experience for you and your friends by turning your smartphone into a projector.

This one from Amazon comes with 8 x magnification lens and a silicone grip to hold your iPhone in place. All you need is a phone, a wall and some popcorn.

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