What value do Mobile Phone resellers add?

Mobile phone resellers often appear alongside networks like O2 and EE on sites like this, offering the same phones and contracts but at a much cheaper price. How is this possible? Do you get the same product and service out of it? Don’t worry, we are here to answer all of your questions.

The best thing about resellers is that their prices are usually lower than networks. We include resellers prices in our price listings because they add another dimension to the deals we  cover.

Direct vs Indirect

Third party retailers sell the same contracts as networks, but they source the phones themselves from a variety of sources. This freedom to buy phones at the best price means they can lower their prices compared to the major networks. They also compete with each other, which drives prices down.

How do they do it?

Mobile phone resellers and independent retailers have the freedom to source their phones from legitimate sources across Europe and the world.

Phones from third party retailers may have started their lives in another European country before being re-engineered with updated software and new accessories to work in the UK. If done correctly and responsibly this is not a problem and won’t detract from your experience at all.

Are there bad resellers out there?

Most equivocally yes. Mobile phones are small, high value devices that keep their value for a long time. As a result not everyone in the marketplace share the same values.

We recommend you stick with resellers who are established and have a proven track record.

The warranty policy is important

Every phone has to come with a warranty, and all reputable resellers offer a warranty in some shape or form. Some resellers depend on the manufacturers warranty that comes with the phone, while others have their own arrangements. Consumer law is vague about where the responsibility lies with phones obtained from a reseller, as the Network will often refuse to repair handsets that came from a third party. 

When you buy your phone make sure the warranty policy is clearly explained and offers the support you need. The four mobile resellers on this website all have warranty policies that are well documented and easy to understand.

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