When should I sell my old iPhone?

If like us you are you already drooling over the next iPhone release then you may also be wondering what you should do with your current iPhone.

If you’re undecided then take a look at our page dedicated to some, surprisingly inventive, new uses for your old iPhone.


If you have made up your mind to sell then now is the time to do so. Every day the value of your current iPhone will be depreciating, this is especially so if your mobile has passed its two year birthday, like the iPhone Xr and Xs.

Once the new iPhone 12 launches we are likely to see a flood of older iPhone models hit the market. This will have a huge impact on your resale value so if you’re hoping to get some cash back for your old mobile, our advice is sell it now!

Recycle your old iPhone

The trade in second hand phones is booming and companies who will pay you cold hard cash for your old Apple products are not hard to find. Mazuma Mobile and Music Magpie have been around for a while but recently the mobile networks have caught up. O2 Recycle offers some good rates and offers a price match if you find a better deal within two weeks of making your trade.

Sell it yourself

There are plenty of websites through which you can sell your iPhone including Amazon, Ebay and Gumtree. You can usually get a good sale price for your old tech and Apple products are some of the best when it comes to holding their value, but this will vary on how many similar items are available.

To maximise your sale make sure you set your price competitively but be realistic – no one is going to buy your phone if it’s listed at the same price as a new model, and always follow the websites selling advice to avoid encounters with unscrupulous persons. Don’t forget to factor in reasonable postage costs, and bear in mind that expensive phones may not be covered by standard postal insurance.

Thinking of selling a brand new phone?

Some websites advocate taking out a contract for a new iPhone at launch, selling this and keeping your old phone. Do we think this is a good idea? Not really.

While this might seem like a good way to make some fast cash our experience in the mobile industry has taught us that contracts offered at launch are going to be more expensive with fewer allowances. So while you may make a profit on the phone you’ll likely be paying over the odds for your call and data bundle for the next 24 months.

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