Which iPhone will be the most popular in 2021?

When Apple launched the iPhone 12 they upped the ante with a new, more compact screen size and a super luxury model with the absolute best of everything. So which iPhone will be the most popular?

iPhone 12 Mini

Out of the iP12 models the Mini attracted the most attention. For our money we prefer the larger iP12 with the same specs, but the smaller model could convert a lot of long time iPhone users who have been holding out for a more easy to handle package.

Still the iPhone XR?

For several years the king of the hill was the iPhone Xr. It may be a few years old but the timeless design, bang-up-to-date iOS and really attractive pricing have made the Xr the gift that keeps giving. Even after the iP11 launched the XR hung on in there. 

iPhone SE

The recently relaunched iPhone SE is also a strong contender with a stunning £420 rrp.

The lowest memory always wins

After 12 years in the mobile phone industry I can tell you pretty confidently that the lowest memory variation is always the most popular. 

Since iPhones don’t allow you to add memory by installing a SD Card you have to master iTunes and cloud storage to make sure you don’t fill your phone up, but most people can’t resist choosing the lowest priced model. Keep an eye out for special offers on phones with more memory for the same price. 

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