O2 Unlimited SIM Only – 1 month contract

Unlimited O2 SIM Only - 1 month contract, £36.00 p/m

1 month SIM Only contract | Unlimited texts, minutes and data | £36.00 p/m.
Last update was on: August 14, 2022 01:56

O2 SIM Only

SIM Only tariff with unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and Unlimited data on O2

RPI Increases

Every year mobile phone networks increase their prices in line with the RPI rate of inflation each year. Most networks do this, based on the official RPI figure published in February each year.

Out-of-bundle charges and add-on fees are not affected. The RPI is published in February, and is usually applied to bills around April each year. The RPI rate for 2020 is 2.7%.

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